About us

Over many years, I gained experience in a wide range of areas, including design, technology, marketing, management, finance, and law. I learned to appreciate the professionalism in our lives, but I never stopped having fun.

Our passion motivated me to seek love and truth. My attitude to the surrounding world started to change, as did my way of thinking, and even my way of eating.

My passion for essential oils was a leading start to our products. I mixed different flavors and gave them to family and friends to try, for at least a year before we decided to create our first product.

My idea was born from the constant travel and the need to use a product to help us in our daily routine hygiene. Every toilet at home or on the road needs sanitisation and a pleasant odour, especially when traveling with children.

One morning, I realized I’m ready to create Hygge Essence, driven by the wish to create something new and different, natural, and beautiful with a responsibility to people and nature. Our family makes our products in the same way we would for ourselves and our loved ones.


Our products

We believe we should develop only completely natural products. We choose to live in truth and love and to share this with the world, to provide a positive experience for everybody.

We have succeeded in creating a natural product, with care and attention to every single detail. We double-check the natural origins of each ingredient; all our raw and essential oils are certified and are sourced from internationally approved companies.

Just days after starting, we succeeded to make many of our clients happy and realised that each one of them had become a special friend of ours.
Well, be careful what you wish for because sometimes your wish becomes your reality! The road ahead is exciting, but it also brings responsibilities.

Never forget to do the best you are capable of for everyone! We strive for continuous improvement, seeking what is good and healthy for nature, for people and for the planet.


With love,

Hygge Essence