The story of the “Hygge Fresh Hands”

Here we will tell you about the way from the idea to the realization of one of our products: Hand Freshener Spray.

Of course, in the beginning was the idea. The idea is to create a product with which, after spraying and rubbing your hands, you can not only purify your hands with 70% alcohol, but also enjoy a refreshing scent that will last at least an hour or two afterwards.

Vesi experimented with many and varied variants, but stopped at what you are under the brand “HYGGE FRESH HANDS”. To get to it we passed in front of at least twenty-thirty different formulas. Besides us, friends and relatives state-do not have testers of different solutions.

Once we have stopped two or three versions, our partners who provide our production have made us the industrial version of the product in mini quantities so we can try it as it goes to you. Perhaps the only thing we had not chosen at this moment were the bottles in which the freshness would go to you.

The choice of bottle was not easy. We wanted to be both simultaneously friendly for nature but also convenient for use as well as a wonderful look. Our partners have again been very useful here. The bottle we chose is from a completely recyclable material. It is opaque to keep the durability of freshness in it. This is the reason why the durability of essential oils in the product is three years from the date of production to make sure that our product will be in perfect condition while using it.

So far, they were the steps you needed to create the product. He followed something much harder, but also important: the safety of our product.

The safety of the product for us and nature is certified by official laboratories who examine the finished product, its formula, its ingredients, and their short and long-term effects. The good thing is, and a little unexpected for us, is the fact that the laboratory was extremely cooperative. The people there wanted to help us to provide a safe and environment friendly product. And we did it. We are now sure that we offer a product that does not harm us or nature around us. Neither short nor long term. And to finish, we would like to ask you – our customers – to help us. Recycle our bottles as you recycle standard plastic. And we promise when we grow up a little more, offer a refill which will even help protect more.

Having all the documentation and assurance that the product is ready, we had to go through several European product registration procedures. After it was done, we were ready to realize our first batch.

This, briefly, is our way from the idea to the first officially manufactured bottle. The feeling of holding your product, something you’ve created only one idea is amazing. We invite you to join us and share the freshness and pleasure of using it.

To be Hygge