What is our „hygge“

“Hygge”, as a concept, as a feeling and as a way of life, has its origins in the Danish home. Our first contact with “hygge” was during our first days in Denmark, when walking “Strøget”. There we saw the small flames (sometimes not so small), which inevitably attracted the eye. We saw many burning candles on the tables or inside the houses. We saw the lighting, which had settled permanently in the homes, despite the lack of sun in the winter anyway.

But what, exactly, was this ” hygge”? It took us a while to figure it out. It is something like the “ailiak” in Plovdiv: it is not easy to understand. “Hygge” is a cosy way of living.

“Hygge” is calm and cosy. “Hygge” is the thick blanket in which tired legs sink in front of a live fire in the fireplace.

“Hygge” is a light, coming as if from nowhere.

“Hygge” is in the pleasant aroma of cinnamon, while lying on the couch drinking gløgg, waiting or sending Christmas.

“Hygge” is in chatting with relatives and friends as you contemplate the lake opposite, wrapped in a thick blanket, which is anyway needed most of the time in the Danish latitudes.

“Hygge” is also in the smell of freshly baked bread for dinner. It is also in the breath of hot chocolate (or coffee) early in the morning.

Our word “cosiness” describes to some extent the Danish “hygge”. “Hygge” is the simple, human cosiness that you achieve easily, but which you look for and remember for a long time. “Hygge” is to accept things calmly, to liberate yourself, finding yourself and others around you at the same time.

Sounds complicated. But it is not.

We called our products and our business “Hygge” in our desire to help create this comfort for you, our customers, and friends. We created our products in the hope that they will help this unique feeling of calm, in sync with nature and most of all with ourselves.

Today we start with two products that we hope will serve you faithfully and help you with the pleasant feeling of “hygge” around you.